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Bamba Eggroll Company is co-owned by husband and wife, Rudy and Emma Bamba. Rudy is a child of Filipino immigrant parents and grew up part of a vibrant Filipino American community. Rudy and Emma met at the University of Louisville, got married in 2009, and have 3 children. Rudy has over 15 years of experience in restaurants, food service, and food manufacturing.

Bamba Eggroll Company was truly born by accident, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. After Rudy found himself out of work when restaurants and bars closed, we began offering eggrolls to family and friends to lessen the blow of being unemployed with 3 kids. Word spread like wildfire and soon enough, Rudy was rolling hundreds of eggrolls a day and we decided to add other items. Within a few weeks, strangers were contacting us to order Rudy's delicious food and we began to see this as an opportunity to start the food business Rudy had always dreamed of having!

In May 2020, Bamba Eggroll Company became an officially registered business and in June we secured commercial kitchen space and our Louisville Metro food permit and became a vendor at the Westport Rd. Farmers Market. We continued to add more pop-up locations and became regulars at several Louisville bars & distilleries. Always pivoting to make things work during a pandemic and our first winter in business, we provided holiday catering and special to-go events. In March 2021, we finished building Louisville's only (& first as far as we know) Filipino food truck! We are so grateful to the Louisville community for their support and love!

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